Tuesday, August 7, 2012

salad crush

while we were traveling this past week,
i had two of the very best salads ever.
i can't stop thinking about them.
a salad crush, for certain.

they aren't really recipes, but i snapped
photos of their ingredient lists so i can
try my hand at recreating these at home.

the first:
superfood salad
from the deli case at whole foods
in salt lake city
i was surprised that whole foods doesn't have a fresh juice bar,
but if they had, i wouldn't have discovered this amazing salad.
this had a kale base, with carrots, edamame, blueberries, cashews, 
sunflower seeds, and lots of red onion.

the second:
red quinoa salad
{one of my parents' favorite places}
in las vegas
this was a base of arugula {my favorite}, with red quinoa tossed throughout.
toasted almonds, gold beets, and avocado.
i'm not sure if you can tell how enormous this salad was.
long after everyone else was finished, i was still enjoying this huge pile of greens.

i'll let you know if i come up with
anything close to the acai dressing
or the citrus chili vinaigrette.


Dawn said...

these both look delicious...yes please, let us know when you get the dressing down :)

Emily said...

They both look amazing!!!!
Whole Foods also makes a great quinoa salad with black beans and corn. My WF does not have a juice bar either. Can't figure that one out!
Looking forward to seeing if you can recreate the recipes.

the gardener's cottage said...

both of these look so good. it's getting close to lunchtime too! yay, i'm gonna go see if i can recreate one of these right now! xo

Anonymous said...

Definately want these recipes!

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