Wednesday, August 8, 2012

packing system: mountainsmith modular hauler

earlier this year,
as i contemplated our summer roadtrips,
i envisioned an avalanche of
suitcases and overnight bags
spilling out of the back of my van.

i searched for a packing system
that would make everything easier
and help to support an easy-breezy vacation vibe.

this is what i found:

i assigned each person their own color,
and since they sit side-by-side,
with zippers at the tops,
it is easy to access all four cubes at once
{no pile or avalanche}.
if i knew we would arrive and immediately
need swimsuits or pajamas, those things
could be packed at the top of each person's cube.
i used this system for three of us
{me, marian, ned}
so the fourth cube was used
for extra shoes and toiletries {and dirty clothes}.
the cubes are big enough to hold more than
one week's worth of our clothing.

see how it fits on a luggage cart
and in the back of the truck
note: the grey outer bag is shapeless
until you fill it with the cubes.
it's purpose is to keep them together.
there are handles on all four sides,
and i recommend having two people to
lift the loaded hauler.
sometimes, after we arrived,
we would keep the cubes in the outer bag.
{the whole thing fits perfectly on a hotel luggage rack}
other times, is was easier to take the cubes out
and stash the bag under a bed or in the car.
it is nice & adaptable, depending on the space.

after using this system
on several trips this summer,
{traveling by van and truck, staying in hotels and homes}
i can tell you that i love it.
it helped to banish chaos & keep me sane.

and i suppose you could use this system
for airline travel if you could pack the cubes
inside of larger suitcases.
would you want to?  not sure.
but if you were going to be living out of suitcases
for an extended period of time, this could help
to keep things organized.

i dig this system.
you can buy one here,
and be sure to search around for a coupon first
{we got 30% off of the $75.00 price - nice}

this is my own honest opinion,
i bought this product with my own money,
and i think it's good enough to share with you.

p.s. it comes in a smaller 3-cube set here.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

This is very cool..and SO much more "space saving" than all those suitcases...I will for sure remember this!

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