Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first day!

we're off to a great start
{revisit our first day of school 2011 and 2010}
{hello, teenager}

{kind of glad i haven't gotten around to cutting his hair}

what's in YOUR planetbox?
we have grapes, carrots, bell pepper,
sugar snap peas, tortilla chips,
{cut into tiny squares so they fit in the teeny tiny dessert spot} 

ned & me

ned had the good sense to bring his new teacher
a white chocolate mocha  

check back tomorrow to see what's inside
their first-day-of-school presents
from grandma


Angie said...

How did you know she likes a white chocolate mocha?! Cute pics!

Dawn said...

Love these..Marian is so darling and looking soooo much older :( and I am kinda glad you didn't cut Ned's hair either :) Did you know Ned's teacher like wcm's??? or did you guess...I love the idea!

Oh and I love your new shoes...still dont have a pair of my own, but I really love this style!

catie said...

angie & dawn ~
i asked her at the meet & greet last night : ) she also likes chai.
the ceramic travel cup is hers to keep, but she can give it back to me to refill throughout the year ♥

Dawn said...

I am going to do that!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Marian looks beautiful, ned is too incredibly cute for words, and you look like you're 25

-em xoxoxoxoxo

Emily said...

Everyone looks smashing!

Anastasia Egórova said...

Awww! Cool! :)
Your kids are so cute!
And you are a super-mom and I love your shoes! :)

P.S go to check planetboxes

martha said...

happy start of school...smashing looks , on all of you!
Lunch looks good.
hugs from down south and cheering marian and ned ON!!!

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