Thursday, September 19, 2013

a request

dear reader,
i have a request.
you see, aliana's 10th birthday
is september 25th, next wednesday.

i would very much like for her mailbox to
with birthday wishes and treats.
i would like for aliana's socks to be knocked off
by the sheer volume of birthday wishes.
i'll go out on a limb here and say that
missy would like it, as well.
{aliana & her mama, june 2012}

will you please
send aliana a birthday card?
or anything else you think might delight her?
it is a well-known fact that she
likes gum and chocolate and stickers
and other things of that nature.
also, fairies, animals, and flowers.
she's a cuddly sweetheart.
a blessing to everyone who knows her.

i know i can count on you
to brighten up this girl's very special day.

go ahead and spread the word!
maybe you could mention her birthday
to certain friends who are
especially good at this sort of thing.
just an idea.

Aliana Gilkerson
3555 Thorpe Lane
Kneeland, CA  95549

there she is!
checking her mailbox for birthday cards!!

this picture of missy's blessing way
was taken on this very day, ten years ago

please don't worry if you are reading this
and it's now too late to send something
to arrive on september 25th.
do you remember being ten years old?
would you have liked cards & treats
to trickle in for weeks?
i think we both know the answer.
please send her your sweet card,
no matter the date.


Emily said...

I am ON THIS like hot butter on toast.
It would be my pleasure to brighten this sweet girls birthday!

Pam said...

consider it done.
it's the least thing we can do for sweet aliana.
way to go catie!
missy is smiling..i just know it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea happy to.

emily eyer-ryder said...

such a good idea mamma. I'm joining in!!

gretchen said...

I'm on it too! You are one terrific friend. xoxo

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I will do it!!

Anonymous said...

That was me above Kim in CA!

Sandi Pike Foundas / LoveFromCapeCod said...

Sweet Catie,

I have just created a little surprise for Aliana and will tuck some other little gifts along with it and send it off to her this week... it may be arriving a few days after her birthday, but perhaps it will arrive ON the day. (Sometimes I ask my angels to help speed things along the mail route) ;) much love, Sandi

catie said...

thank you, everyone!!!
i KNEW i could count on you ♥

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Gladly. Mine may be a day late...but bday spillage is so good. What a friend you are!! xoxo

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