Thursday, September 5, 2013

sensational storm

we enjoyed an amazing set
of thunderstorms this evening.
we loooooooove storms!

check out this giant hail

we could hear branches landing on the roof,
then the top of a giant tree came crashing
down on the kids' clubhouse


Pam said...

wow! that is amazing!

Emily said...

Hail this size did serious damage on my car while it was parked outside at the airport. We were gone for two weeks on a long vacay and the hail came around on two separate days this big! Oh, and I had only had my car for two months. Brand new.....
But yes, I do love a good rainstorm, minus the hail!

Dawn said...

we had huge lightening and thunder storms last nigt..but no hail! did this do any damage to your maxi van :) like it did to Emily's car??

catie said...

somehow, no. maybe the house shielded our vehicles?? not sure how there aren't little dents all over because they were parked in the driveway.

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