Monday, September 9, 2013

just a moment, just a dream

she is on my mind throughout the day.
i am so overdue for a phone call from her,
that my brain skips, like a scratch in a record,
getting hung up on the yearning feeling,
the incompleteness.
there are piles of conversations,
stacks of them, growing daily,
that i need to have with her.
ideas i can't finish without her input,
her opinions.

but she did crash my dream last night.
{oh, missy, please keep doing this...}
just a regular dream,
my arms full of groceries
{oh, yes, i dream of groceries}
and there she was.
i set my dream-groceries down.

no words,
just a giant, warm, long hug
with my best friend.
this card reminded me so much of our day at the river.
i bought it & sent it to her last year.

our friend, mitzi, recorded a song for missy
and sent it to me with this note to share:
Thank you, Irene, and all who helped with Missy's memorial.
It was beautiful!
Missy's spirit is free,
and she has returned to the oneness!
It doesn't surprise me,
although it delights me that Missy shows her presence
most often as a butterfly.
Beautiful, colorful, bright and cheery!
 Sometimes as a sweet song bird, too.
This song came through me for Missy,
and even though the quality is not the best,
I wanted to share it here.
Sam is playing the strum stick.
I love the bird songs near the end.
Love and blessings to all.


Kelly at Chatelaine said...

You will see her in your dreams often. I hope it brought you comfort. I think you should start a book/journal: Conversations With Missy, and write about everything you'd talk about, and maybe how she would advise/answer you. I wish you could just pick up the phone and she would be there. love you durl.

emily eyer-ryder said...

I love you mamma & I love missy. I am so happy that you are dreaming of her

Pam said...

i really like kelly's idea. write these down as soon as you wake up.
thinking of you my friend.

Emily said...

teary over here........

love Kel's idea.

Dawn said...

oh my ... i know how much you must miss her... not many people are blessed with such a wonderful happy to know she comes to you in your dreams..and yes, a journal of all the things you would tell it!

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