Thursday, September 26, 2013

anthro dress crush




these three are part of anthro's new
"online exclusive" collection.

i need to start sewing,
because none of them are wallet-friendly.

which one is your favorite?

the bottom two remind me of this
tracy porter dress, which i own & love.

our weather cooled down this week,
and i've been wearing little dresses
with leggings & short boots & a cardigan.

do you have a fall uniform?


Dawn said...

the last one is my fave!!!! and i have been trying to hunt down that tracy dress on ebay (if you see it let me know!)...i want it sooo badly!! my uniform lately has been leggings or jeans and my fave denim shirt and boots or wellies :)

Anonymous said...

I can see you in your fall go-to. you put it all together so well. I often wear leggings under a dress to work, it's so comfortable!

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