Friday, September 27, 2013

pete seeger, a legend

at the age of 94,
{he'll be 95 in november!}
pete seeger was a surprise guest
at farm aid last week.
{photo via rolling stone}

this land is your land was written by woody guthrie.
i saw woody's son, arlo, in a tiny concert long ago.
he sang it with the "no trespassing" verse.
he said his dad wrote it that way.
i had never heard it before:
as i went walking i saw a sign there,
and on the sign it said "no trespassing,"
but on the other side that sign said nothing,
that side was made for you & me.

i've had this wonderful pete seeger album,
recorded live in concert in 1963,
since emily was a baby.
it's just the best, hearing all the kids
cracking up at his jokes & stories.
and i love hearing their voices ring,
singing with him - they know all the words!
you'll always know you neighbor,
you'll always know your pal,
if you've ever navigated on the erie canal
universal, indeed.



Emily said...

Crazy good!

Dawn said...

toby LOVES pete seger..and we played his favorite song abi yoyo to our boys often when they were little...i think i must get that album on itunes!

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