Friday, September 6, 2013

green bean tacos, enchilada transformation

you may have heard me
sing the praises of green bean tacos
a time or two.
we love them.
we love them SO much, in fact,
that we've been making them even when
we don't have any green beans.

"green bean" tacos are a great way
to use up your overabundant zucchini.
and yellow crookneck squash.
and potatoes.
and onions.
and tomatillos.
and peppers.
even if green beans aren't in there.
{find the recipe here}

AND, we've just discovered,
that "green bean" tacos make amazing enchiladas.
just roll those tacos all the way around,
line them up in a casserole dish,
cover with green enchilada sauce
and bake until bubbly {350°/30 min}.
i added grated jack cheese as i pulled it out of the oven.

"green bean" enchiladas made without green beans,
salsa mixed with with black beans & fresh corn.


Emily said...

Love the enchilada idea Catie!

Kelly at Chatelaine said...

Big yum for days! xx

Dawn said...

yum yum...i'm making the gardners cottage enchiladas this week!!

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