Sunday, September 8, 2013

solid shampoo & conditioner

do you ever...
use solid shampoo & conditioner?

i'm considering these
from milk & honey naturals on etsy:

solid shampoos & conditioners
have little or no packaging,
and no water {so, no preservatives}.
they would be great for travel, too.

i've been reading about cocamide dea
{here and here}
which is a known carcinogen,
but is still an ingredient in many shampoos.
they even brag about it here.}

do you ever use solids?
what are you using to wash your hair?


Emily said...

I"m not familiar with any of this. The solid shampoos, the cocamide dea. Thank you Catie!
And, please let us know if you try and like these solids.

Anonymous said...

I have seen them for years but never tried. Recently, I read a blog post by someone who tried the "only water" approach to hair care. These solids look like a possible wonder.

What do you use for lotions, makeup, lipstick sans nasty ingredients?

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