Wednesday, September 18, 2013

tomato tasting last night

this was really special.
local farmers & backyard gardeners
brought their favorite tomatoes to share.
there was story telling - tomato stories,
some from the very ground we walked on.
{casey from earthly delights farm}

{garnet from edwards greenhouse}

stories were being officially collected
and recorded by boise 150 historians.

delicious heirloom tomatoes
are worth fighting for,
and there were some incredible stories
to prove that point.
so much tomato history, right here in boise.
there was a contest,
which required tasting,
then voting with an actual ballot.

tomato registration happened here
she's registering our tomatoes, very official
our sungolds {#44} were really our favorite,
but these virginia sweets were a close second.

food was available from archie's place
we had the "griddled" cheese
{cooked cheese-side-down on the griddle}
and spicy grilled pineapple.

and as if on cue at this end-of-summer evening,
the seasons changed in the air around us.
while we tasted summer's glory,
she gave way to autumn.


Emily said...

What a cool, cool event.
Great writing on this one Catie!

Dawn said...

this looked like so much fun and a perfect ending to summer!

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