Monday, September 2, 2013

labor day

and, labor, we did.
there's ned up front & i'm way in the back,
doing my level best to coordinate with the zinnias.

labor day is "we ♥ farm hands day"
at earthly delights farm.

the current farm interns take the day off
while casey, former interns, & csa members
bring in the harvest.

here's casey at the morning briefing,
assigning jobs & keeping things organized.
and putting us out to pasture

ned & i gathered ground cherries.
a whole lotta ground cherries.
they are not easy to harvest,
as the ripe fruits are literally on the ground,
but we love them.
they are delicious and
they come so beautifully packaged.

you can read my post about them here.
{how can it be that the post is from 3 years ago?}
you can read another post where i serve them
in some gooey brie cheese here.


emily eyer-ryder said...

hard workers. neddy it cute. love

Emily said...

I have never tried these kind of cherries. But, I think I would love them!
P.S. We just received a gift of brandied cherries from friends. Oh my! So much better than a plain ole maraschino cherry in a cocktail.

Anastasia Egorova said...

This is SO fun, Catie!!!
I have never ate ground cherries, but I saw them on the market few times, but had no idea what to do with them, how to eat them! Now, I think, I figure out! lol :D

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