Friday, July 9, 2010

birthday frezent idea

i just dropped marian off
at a birthday slumber party.
one of her very best friends is turning eleven.
{marian will also turn eleven in four days.}

this is a tricky age for frezents.
girls this age are really beyond toys
and starting to become interested in
clothes, music, electronics, and money.

we decided on jewelry.
so, marian & i headed to our bead store
to pick out beads for a necklace & bracelet.
turquoise, serpentine, pale amethyst,
and rose quartz
hope she likes it!


Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Well, I certainly like it! What a wonderful gift for an 11 year old...and extra special since you two made it.

Dawn said...

darling...simply darling!

MA said...

So sweet and pretty! I love that it was made with love. :) My local bead shop is one of my favorite haunts!

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