Saturday, July 31, 2010

how to embed a video, plus a few embedded videos

i have recently learned
how to "embed" a video on my blog.

do you know how to do this?

i wasn't sure, so...
below, i embedded a video
that will teach you how to embed a video.

and here are a few more i thought you'd like...



Rebecca said...

I love that you love that Lisa Hannigan video as much as I do, and enough to use it as an example in your "embed" tutorial! And I love that you DID an embed tutorial! And I don't blame that sweet ducka one bit for loving you so! :)

Dianne said...

I think my video days are over. LOL I will never get it!
Of course my favorite one here is the one of you and Pip.

catie said...

dianne ~ it is SO easy!
1. upload to youtube
2. copy & paste the "embed" code

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