Tuesday, July 20, 2010

breakfast alfresco

honeydew & cantaloupe
homemade waffles & peachy maple syrup

these red plastic baskets & checkered liners
have been our summer standard for years.
i bought them long ago
at a restaurant supply store.
{a package of 1000 paper liners - we've used about half.}
they are great for camping.
you can serve almost everything in them.
{everything but soup.}


sewmuchwhimsy said...

This is so cute!! I have to tell you that my hubby has gone nuts for your salad dressing. He is putting it on everything! He now calls it our "house dressing" and I have to make it a couple of times a week! xoxoxo Gretchen

Dianne said...

What a good idea and easy clean-up. Wish I had thought of it when I had kids at home. You constantly amaze me. Does your family realize how lucky they are? :)

Dawn said...

Well I must find these papers and baskets!! Do you have a homemade waffle mix recipe?? I am looking for one!

mary said...

Loving the dressing too Catie! It was so yummy on a pasta salad & tonight it was delish with a salad I threw together consisting of: greens, gorgonzola, craisins, granny smith apple slices, croutons & a little sprinkle of bacon crumbles.

catie said...

i'm so glad that you all are loving the dressing. it's our "house dressing," fo sho.

now, you must try it as a marinade for chicken...

dawn ~ yes, i have a great waffle recipe. i'm planning to do a "breakfast week" on my blog & i'll post it then. (but i'll email it to you now.) ♥

Anonymous said...

RUNNING out to find them.....Brilliant, and much more fun than paper plates all summer!!
And of course....they're my favorite color and pattern....must have. xoxoxo!

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