Wednesday, July 28, 2010

where there's smoke...

earlier today, our skies turned eerily orange.
we all looked up and said, "WOW!"

the smoke was so thick that i made a mental list
of what i should bring if we had to evacuate.
{ kids, dogs, cat, DUCKS, computer, photos...
...everything? }

in truth, we are a safe distance from the fire
(about 4 miles).

we had thunder and lightning this morning.
the lightning started a wildfire
in our very dry foothills.

(these photos are from here )

these homes have been evacuated.
families will stay the night at eagle high school,
an effort organized by
our sheriff's department
and the american red cross.

the smoke has cleared somewhat,
but it's windy (not good), hot (92°),
and smells very smoky.

we can hear the air tankers and helicopters.

the helicopters are collecting water
from nearby ponds
and even a swimming pool.

fire crews are cutting fire lines on the ground
to keep the fire contained and save homes.

thank you fire crews
& sheriff's department
& red cross.

post edit 07-29-10:
sadly, three homes
burned to the ground in yesterday's fire.
(a few new photos from here)


jill said...

oh no! how scary. i will keep your town in my thoughts. thanks and gratefulness for local heroes - i can't imagine...any updates on whether they've been able to end (or contain) the fire? :(

Emily said...

We've had this happen close to our home, too many times. Go away wind and bring on the rain! I hope they get it under control soon and no one is hurt.

Dawn said...

Wow Catie...scary...I agree BRAVO to all those who fight and protect!

catie said...

i'm adding a few new photos...
the fire is out now.
sadly, 3 homes burned to the ground.

jennifer said...

very sad and scary...hope nobody got hurt....

Dianne said...

Catie I am just seeing this. It is odd that just last week lightening struck the Coastal Living Idea Home that is about 30 minutes from our house ( no danger here) and burned it to the ground in one hour. The firemen were there simply to protect the neighbors. The Idea House was too far gone too quickly for them to go inside.
Thank you to all our fire fighters in towns and cities large and small. So many in our area are volunteer too.

Anonymous said...

Catie, how did you get the amazing photos? Sadly, fire is always a danger in the American west. Mom

catie said...

dear mom ~
i poached these photos from our local news & local paper websites. if they throw me in the clinker, will you please post bail? ♥

dear ktvb news channel 7 and idaho statesman ~
in my defence, i did add a link to both of your websites to give credit for the photos. please don't throw me in the clinker. ♥

dear dianne ~
was that the same storm that ZAPPED gretchen's laptop? ♥

Dianne said...

Amazing Catie that it happened the same time but our homes are @ 250 miles apart.

Rebecca said...

Catie, I am glad you are all OK, and heartbroken for the families whose homes burned to the ground. Sending rainy blessings your way, so that things can be fresh and green again soon. xoxo

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