Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sage butter & fried sage leaves

this is good.
as in, crazy-good.

sure, i had tried flavored butters before.
but, nothing prepared me for...
sage butter
& fried sage leaves.
it's going to be your new favorite thing.

our obsession for this delicacy began last year,  
when our radical farmers gave us a bunch of sage
along with the recipe.

now, it's your turn...

start with sage.

clean & remove the leaves from the woody stems.

melt a stick of butter.

add the sage leaves...

and simmer until the butter is caramel-colored.

pour the melted butter into a bowl or jar
and strain out the sage leaves.

now, you have 2 amazing treats:
1. sage butter
2. fried sage leaves

the butter can be used in its melted state,
or you can refrigerate to harden.

here is what i made:
mashed potatoes with sage butter
and fried sage leaves.

the fried sage leaves SHATTER
and melt on your tongue.
we have tried to compare them to bacon
or some kind of candy,
but there is NOTHING like fried sage leaves.

and the sage butter is incredibly delicious
spread on a baguette.
{or mashed into potatoes}
you really must try.


Celine's Cuisine said...

Wow you are cooking like the French or Julia Child... with butter! I love it! I did not know about the sage butter great idea. As soon as my sage in the garden is growing I will try it. Thanks Catie. Need to catch up on your oldest posts. Hugs. Celine

jill said...

oh goodness! i MUST try this!!! it looks divine :-) thanks for the great idea, catie!

Emily said...

I've had sage butter in many dishes I order from restaurants, but I never knew how they did it. Can't wait to try this at home! I think my family will like it on pasta too!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Call the TV execs. We have a new STAR!
You continually blow my mind!
Sage butter. Sounds SO fine AND your photos...SO fine.
And this blog: SO fine!

jennifer said...

i will definitely try this. i have a bumper crop this year!! thanks for another fab idea catie, i think you may need your own show... the sophisticated hippie.... perhaps..... oxoxoxxo

Dawn said...

Oh I MUST try this!!! I have heard about sage butter, but never knew how to make it!

Rebecca said...

What a way to capture the "sage-ness" of sage - I will definitely give this a go with the sage from our CSA!!

Dawn said...

so i made sage butter tonight, but it id very dark, so i burned it a little...the leave were black, but we ate them all anyway :) delish!!

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