Saturday, July 24, 2010

nature burger

have you ever heard of
nature burger?

it is hippie food, for sure.
i discovered it when i was in high school
and i still make it today.

i buy it in bulk at the co-op.
{click here for a list of ingredients}

i mix 2 cups boiling water
with 2 cups of nature burger,
then let it rest & cool.

form into patties & cook in a little oil
until toasty on both sides.

i like to add some melty cheese.

vegetarian hippie goodness!

i like to have it on hand for a quick dinner,
but it is also great for backpacking.


Emily said...

I've seen this before, but never had any idea about it. I do love veggie and black bean burgers and falafel, so I may need to try this too!

catie said...

emily ~ i hope you give it a try.
let me know if you like it! ♥

Dawn said... has been YEARS since I have had this! My brother;s girlfriend years ago had me try..did not know they still made it!

Denise said...

Wow... I never knew this even existed! What does it taste like? I guess it must be worth a try if you're a fan!

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