Thursday, July 8, 2010

grandma's kitties

you have seen the wildlife in MY backyard.

take a look at my mom & dad's backyard:

they have seen bobcats in the past,
but this summer they have seen
what they think are 3 different families:
one mother with one baby
one mother with two babies
and one mother with three babies - nursing, even!
the babies are about the size
of a regular house cat.
the mothers are BIG.
so these shots were taken
safely through the window.
my mom heard loud thumping
& she found this guy
using their patio furniture as a jungle gym.
jumping right onto their windowsills.

keep in mind,
my parents live in
☼ las vegas ☼


sewmuchwhimsy said...

OMG!!!!!!!! How I would love to have seen this! Why do they come into her yard like this? Are they looking for something? Where do these beauties live? They are gorgeous oxxo Gretchen

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful and not afraid of people but will defend the little ones so we stay away. We live on the edge of a golf course so there are many many baby rabbits--probably what they are looking for but bobcats do mark their territory so they walk it often. Mom

Denise said...

Oh my goodness!!! They are so cute!! Will they eventually move on? If so, where to?

Dianne said...

This is both beautiful and scary. What can you do about it? Do they try and get in the garbage cans etc...? Black bears have been known to do that in our town and our own neighborhood has deer but bobcats would scare me. yikes!!

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