Sunday, July 25, 2010

recycled ~ reclaimed ~ refurbished

i love everything about this space.
this is one of 3 new starbucks in seattle.
{dawn, you must go check this out!}

behind a row of old movie theater seats,
they used the pages of a philosophy text book
as wallpaper.

this table is made from an old ship.
these chandeliers are made from rusted wire.

{i ♥ salvaged materials}

read more about this inspiring space here.


Dawn said...

Catie...I will make this a field trip...LOVE IT!! I will try this week!!

Emily said...

Catie, This is uber cool!

Dianne said...

Oh Catie, I love it!!! It's very Anthropology don't you think?

catie said...

dianne ~ yes, that's what i thought.
our anthro here in boise has the COOLEST reclaimed floors. i want my kitchen to look like the first photo. love it.

yay!! dawn is going to go there in person for us!!! please try to snap a few photos if you can, dawn... ♥

jennifer said...

very cool! i would love to have reclaimed floors in my kitchen...worn and full of character...

Celine's Cuisine said...

I wish every Starbucks are like this! Great concept. Love it!

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