Thursday, July 22, 2010


are you wondering,
"what does she DO with all of those veggies?"

well, here's what i do with

remove the leaves and peel
(a fork helps to hold it)

slice thinly
and serve raw with a little salt & pepper

we eat it just like this
and sometimes alongside a bowl of hummus.

kohlrabi is a brassica.
brassicas include cabbage, broccoli, turnips.
raw kohlrabi is almost a crunchy as a carrot.
the taste is a little radish-like.
have you ever eaten sliced broccoli stem?
that's what kohlrabi reminds me of.


Dianne said...

You are educating me my dear friend!

Nicki said...

Man, Catie... You know lotsa stuff...

catie said...

nicki, ha!

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