Monday, July 12, 2010

earthly delights - csa bounty week 7

last week (for the holiday weekend)
our farm took a break.
so, today was week 7.

here's our share:
red russian kale
magic garlic*
*magic garlic makes your dreams come true!
rainbow chard
lori's sunset lettuce
fava beans (marian's favorite)
♥ raspberries ♥

curious about earthly delights farm
& our radical farmers?

curious about csa's in your area?


Dianne said...

Yum! I'll be over for dinner. xoxo

Pam said...

Catie...I decided not to buy a share this year thinking I'd evaluate how many veggies we you eat them all? It seems like so much...and a few things we've never tried...but maybe that's a good thing! What are you making with kohlrabi?

catie said...

dianne ~
please come for dinner!
i'll even get out the black napkins for you!

pam ~
i just peel & slice the kohlrabi.
we eat it raw with a little salt.
i know that some people like to cut it into chunks & roast it with olive oil.
we eat so many more veggies this way.
our farm also sends recipes in the weekly email newsletter.
and, yes, we try {& love} many new things. ♥

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