Wednesday, July 21, 2010

first there is a hammock, then there is no hammock, then there is.

summertime without a hammock?
yeah, i don't think so.

but, late last summer
a meddlesome squirrel
 my lovely yucatan hammock.

yes, the very hammock that i brought back
from the yucatan more than 20 years ago.
{did i mention that i was there doing mission work?}

to have it cut out of our oak tree
by squirrel teeth
was wrong and undeserved.
the nerve.

but, today
we have a new hammock.

happy days are here again.


martha said...

awesome....idle away, as you can , sweet friend!
PS the NERVE of that squirrel!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

What a nut! The squirrel that is!
Glad you are taking a respite!
Love you!

Dianne said...

Oh that looks so restful. A place to lay and listen to the ducks quack!

Rebecca said...

You look beautiful! Love the braids...

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