Sunday, July 18, 2010

duck update

our ducklings
are quickly becoming

at 3 weeks & 4 weeks old
they are getting their feathers
and beginning to ☼QUACK!☼

they still get tucked in each night
with their teddy bears
(who have now been through the wash
about 25 times)

p.s. pip sends a special quack to five-year-old annie.


Dianne said...

Catie you are such a good mama duck! How lucky for these sweet feathered babies to have landed in your heart.

jill said...

you made annie's day!!! after she looked at the pics and i read the post she tilted her head and said, "ohhhh, i love pippy" (sorry patito, i'm quite sure she ♥s u too!!). they are so sweet catie, i cannot believe how fast they've grown!!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

All three precious!!!!!!!!! oxxoxo Gretchen

Emily said...

The duck-ahs are so big! But then again, I bet they are the best fed creatures in your neighborhood! You're the best Catie!

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