Wednesday, October 13, 2010

book review :: pierre in l♥ve

by sara pennypacker
pictures by petra mathers

is the story of a brave fisherman
{who happens to be a rat}
who is head-over-heels in l♥ve
with an elegant ballet teacher
{who happens to be a rabbit}.
he has never met her,
but has long admired her from afar.

this is the only book i have ever read
that uses the words
to express that woozy, awkward, in-love feeling,
but i loved this book even before reading
those ingenious, made-up words.
{spell-check is warning me that these are not real words.}

you might think that i love this book in part
because the lovely ballet teacher's name is
while i do admire the author's choice and spelling,
what i love most about it is that pierre
gets misty-eyed if he even hears a word
that sounds REMOTELY close to catherine.
like the word

can pierre muster up the courage
to tell catherine how he feels?
kind reader,
you must find out for yourself.

but i will share with you his wise words,
"feelings are like tides -
you can't hold them back!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
do you see your love in every cloud?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

look for this gem of a book at your local library.

p.s. pierre in love would make a great gift
for someone named pierre.
or someone named catherine.
or someone who is in love.
or someone who might someday be in love.


Dianne said...

Oh what wonderful words that are spot on for that feeling. Mr. B still makes me bloopy! Looks like this story is enchanting in many ways.

Dawn said...

I must get this one from the library ~

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