Friday, October 8, 2010

my desk

beneath 18 vintage clipboards
loaded with inspiration,
i sit.
i blog.
i pay bills.
i make lists.
i email my mom.
i drink lots of this.
i watch funny videos.
i organize photos of my kids.
this is my desk.



Dawn said...

Catie...this is soo cool...I am LOVING the clip board idea...I know what I am going to do on the wall in our office!!! xoxo

Dianne said...

Catie I am loving this!!! Every little detail is perfect. I could work in there all day long. I love the rock hearts and the pictures of the children and all the neat art pieces as well as that yummy color. You have a very special space. xoxo

Pam said...

I LOVE your desk. I'd sit there all day. You've got great style catiegirl...xoxo

Emily said...

It is the best desk area I have seen in a long time! I love every detail! Speaking of details, I love how you placed my little ornament on one of the lamps. And I would love to know more about the picture with the sweet house. This is my kinda house!

catie said...

dawn & dianne & pam & emily ~
thank you so much! i love it, but i know it's really kind of wacky & funky. it appeals to my "collage" tendencies.

dawn ~ i'm saving a few clipboards for you!

emily ~ that house is one i clipped from a magazine long ago. it was for sale at the time. i'll email you the details, but it is in iowa & built in 1999 of mostly salvage materials. ...someday!

catie said...

and emily ~
i L♥Ve the beautiful ornament you made!
i needed to find a way to see it every day of the year! it fits the little chinoiserie lamp the same way it fits a wine bottle.
i hope you make more ornaments this year. ♥

p.s. everyone, here's the address of emily's etsy shop for you to copy & paste:

Denise said...

SO perfect, Catie! An inspiring, creative, inviting perfect desk. No WONDER you're so creative and get so much done in a day!! xoxo

martha said...

I a dore this=all of it...i realize i need more surface space.....
i love how you anchor both sides of the desk with a book stack and lamp...and have sprinkled little treasure all along the way! I know you are inspired to GROW here...
I AM inspired further!Thanks so much Catie!
hugs from Tn!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I love knowing where you sit when you email and blog to us! This is SUCH a fabulously special place. xoxo

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