Friday, October 22, 2010

show & tell {plus, ned reads to you!}

it's friday...
ned's show & tell day.
today, he brought his jacob's ladder:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

and in other news...
ned is really learning to read.
each day, he brings home a new
"book in a bag" from his teacher.
when he read kip the ant to me last night,
my heart did a little flip when he sounded out
"tuh... aaahh... puh.... tap."
and i knew i had to make this:
{this morning, before we left for school}


Anonymous said...

Tell Ned I am smiling a big big smile! (I'm also smiling through the tears.) He is beautiful! Love, Mom

catie said...

mom, ned says,
"i love you, grandma." ♥

jill said...

don't you love to see it all "click"! so sweet. and tell ned, "great job reading! way to go :)"

Dianne said...

Precious Ned!!

moondiva said...

My new FAVORITE video!!! Great are a wonderful build his confidence SO!!♥

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