Saturday, October 30, 2010

show & tell {it's almost halloween!}

ned brought his
multicolor, bright & flashy,
halloween light stick
for show & tell yesterday.

his class had a super-fun halloween party,
and we got crafty:
{i am adding a page with directions for all of these crafts...
link coming soon!}

yarn spider necklaces

origami bats

chocolate covered spiders
{so fun & so easy & so delicious...
they would be great at an adult party}

{melted chocolate chips}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
more halloween fun...

this is not my dog, but it cracks me up.
from a why dogs hate halloween email

mr. monster

ms. supermom

miss poodle skirt

{emily is still gathering the pieces for her fairy costume...
photo coming soon!}


gretchenwoosley said...

Oh I love the are a perfect supermom!!! xoxo

Dawn said...

GREAT costumes Catie!!! I love that Marian has "real" saddle shoes!!!

martha said...

LIKE button, ALL!

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