Tuesday, October 26, 2010

duck update

here is pip,
looking sharp this evening.

{milling about with potential suitors} 

i am worried, though,
because we have not seen patito
since saturday.

we have had some stormy weather
and nighttime temperatures near freezing,
so it is possible that she has migrated.
the living is very good at this pond, though,
and most of the ducks stay year-round.

sweet patito is so dear to us.
we will watch the skies until she returns,
and so will her sister.


Emily said...

Oh, I hope she is okay too Catie!!! Still amazes me how you can recognize them, but then again, what mama wouldn't know their own children?

gretchenwoosley said...

I was wondering how you recognize them too! I wonder if Pip misses her. Let us know when you see her. xoxoxo Gretchen

Dianne said...

Oh Catie, this has me worried too. Please let us know when she returns.

Dawn said...

Papito Papito where are you???
oh Catie...I do hope she is safe...I cannot wait to meet your ducka(s) :)

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