Saturday, October 2, 2010

~ hakuna frittata ~

do you ever make a frittata?
they are great for a weekend brunch,
but i whirled one together for dinner this week.

it was my "no worries" frittata.
it was a spontaneous combustion of leftovers
that saved me from making a trip to the store.

here's what i had on hand:
2 leftover baked potatoes
lots of eggs
lots of tomatoes
fresh mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan
fresh basil & garlic
lots of leafy greens {kale, chard, spinach}

here's what i did:
chopped the potatoes
& sauteed them in olive oil & butter
with a little paprika, salt, pepper
until they were like perfect breakfast potatoes.

whisked together about 8 eggs
with a little milk, water, salt, pepper.
added chopped tomatoes,
big chunks of fresh mozzarella & ricotta,
torn basil, pressed garlic, chopped greens.

poured the egg mixture over the hot potatoes.
topped it with lots of grated parmesan,
then put the whole cast iron pan in the oven (350°)
until the eggs were set & the cheese was melty.

served with buttered toast.

~ so delicious ~
~ so quick ~ so easy ~ so cheap ~
when will you make one?


Dawn said...

oh this looks delicious...I love frittatas...well, breakfast for dinner too!

martha said...

am doin it~HOLLY should love it too...always on the lookout for meatless dishes!Thanks Catie!

Anonymous said...

Love it....I make one at least once a week with our abundance of eggs and leftovers. For guests, I'll make an asparagus frittata with good parmesan cheese. Isn't the best when you take what you have on hand and make something spectacular? xoxo

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