Sunday, October 3, 2010

kindergarten art :: fall trees

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we read this book

i traced their hands & arms for the trees.
they decorated them with tissue paper leaves.
it was up to each child
how they wanted their leaves to look:
squares, little bunches, or cut leaf shapes.

brownish paper for trees
{i used the inside of recycled cereal boxes}
{for writing their names on their trees}
washable black marker
{for tracing their hands}
light blue paper for sky
tissue paper in fall leaf colors
{cut into small squares ~ 1.5 inches}
large black paper for mounting
white crayon
{for writing their names on the black paper}

i spread this project over 3 days:

day one,
i traced their hands onto brown paper.
{i cut them out at home.}

day two {the real "art day"},
the artists glued their trees onto pieces of "sky"
and added their fall leaves.

day three,
i mounted the finished artwork onto black paper
and had each artist sign their name
using white crayon.

~ voila! ~


Dawn said...

Catie...these are ADORABLE...what a great idea!
The hand trees melt my heart!!
Great job "Art Mom!"

martha said...

Catie...i am sure they LOVE you-kids and teachers alike!
GREAT gallery...when i was a classroom teacher -many mnay yrs ago-childrens art was my favorite thing to watch!
FUN, creative project here! GREAT job!

Dianne said...

Great job Catie!!! Will you teach me art? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love you, Mom

mary said...

these are darling Catie!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful project! You're the coolest art mom ever! xo

sewmuchwhimsy said...

You are the best art mom that classroom has ever seen fo sho!!!

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