Thursday, October 7, 2010

little vignette

because the redecorating budget is zero,
my bedroom make-over
has been progressing rather s-l-o-w-l-y.

the beauty of this snail's-pace
is that i've been able to let things
just fall into place.

the potential bric-a-brac
~vintage saucers~
~tarnished candlesticks~
~dusty books~
sits in little piles here & there
until something calls to me.

here is a case in point:
by simply sitting together
in a pile on the dresser,
these items formed an alliance,
{not unlike spontaneous combustion}
creating this vignette
with almost no help from me.
are you curious about these things
that were homeless only yesterday?
please, just skip over this part if you are not the curious type.

they are:
1. a barnwood-framed photo of my mother
...close-up is below...
can you see the shadow of my grandmother taking the picture?
i made this in college.
it is a b/w image sublimated onto aluminum,
shaped to make her dress 3-D,
and mounted on a scrap of antique quilt.
it is one of my favorite things.
2. a rusty green toolbox
3. a vintage wooden shelf
it was attached to marian's wall when we moved in.
4. italian candle sconces
5. a silver candle stick
one of a pair ~ a wedding present to my mom & dad in 1961.
6. a tiny framed butterfly necklace
that says "fly" on the other side
a gift of inspiration from my sweet friend, emily.
♥ thank you, em ♥
{she found it here}

had i rushed this process,
these seemingly unrelated objects
might never have met.

just a little silver lining to my
slow-poke, spend-nothing decorating.


jill said...

it's all beautiful. the photo is touching. i adore what you've done here, catie!

Emily said...

I love it so much and all the sentimental pieces. I do love that necklace, and I am glad you do too!

Dianne said...

Perfection my dear! I love the combination of items...the sconces ( swoon) , the tool good together and of course the wonderful photo!!

Anonymous said...

oooohhh so anthro!

moondiva said...

Oh Catie...the shadow in the picture? I have some of those too...2 for 1♥

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