Saturday, July 31, 2010

how to embed a video, plus a few embedded videos

i have recently learned
how to "embed" a video on my blog.

do you know how to do this?

i wasn't sure, so...
below, i embedded a video
that will teach you how to embed a video.

and here are a few more i thought you'd like...


Friday, July 30, 2010

tomato sandwiches

you might think i left out
the bacon & the lettuce,
but this sandwich is
~ simple summer goodness ~

start here:

slice tomatoes, then salt & pepper...

toast the bread,
then spread with a little butter & mayo...

add tomatoes...

voila!  tomato sandwiches!

with a nod to indiana tomatoes
(especially those from the hinkle garden),
this our favorite summer sandwich.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

asian kale slaw

this is another family favorite recipe
that is from our amazing farmers.
i make this almost once a week.

mindblowing fact:
my kids will eat raw kale this way.

it is so delicious...
{please prepare to be wowed}

☼ asian kale slaw ☼

1. begin with any mix of finely chopped brassicas
brassicas include: cabbage, kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower
{you could also mix in some lettuce}

2. make an asian dressing
i use the same ratio that i do for my vinaigrette:
2 parts canola oil, 1 part rice vinegar, 1 part tamari (or soy sauce)
...then i add a few drops of sesame oil...
{you could also add dry mustard, garlic, salt, pepper}

3. add some extras
we love sliced almonds & sesame seeds.
{other ideas: pine nuts, carrots, peas, edamame, radishes, scallions}

4. top with chicken or tofu (we do both).

~ yum ~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

where there's smoke...

earlier today, our skies turned eerily orange.
we all looked up and said, "WOW!"

the smoke was so thick that i made a mental list
of what i should bring if we had to evacuate.
{ kids, dogs, cat, DUCKS, computer, photos...
...everything? }

in truth, we are a safe distance from the fire
(about 4 miles).

we had thunder and lightning this morning.
the lightning started a wildfire
in our very dry foothills.

(these photos are from here )

these homes have been evacuated.
families will stay the night at eagle high school,
an effort organized by
our sheriff's department
and the american red cross.

the smoke has cleared somewhat,
but it's windy (not good), hot (92°),
and smells very smoky.

we can hear the air tankers and helicopters.

the helicopters are collecting water
from nearby ponds
and even a swimming pool.

fire crews are cutting fire lines on the ground
to keep the fire contained and save homes.

thank you fire crews
& sheriff's department
& red cross.

post edit 07-29-10:
sadly, three homes
burned to the ground in yesterday's fire.
(a few new photos from here)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sage butter & fried sage leaves

this is good.
as in, crazy-good.

sure, i had tried flavored butters before.
but, nothing prepared me for...
sage butter
& fried sage leaves.
it's going to be your new favorite thing.

our obsession for this delicacy began last year,  
when our radical farmers gave us a bunch of sage
along with the recipe.

now, it's your turn...

start with sage.

clean & remove the leaves from the woody stems.

melt a stick of butter.

add the sage leaves...

and simmer until the butter is caramel-colored.

pour the melted butter into a bowl or jar
and strain out the sage leaves.

now, you have 2 amazing treats:
1. sage butter
2. fried sage leaves

the butter can be used in its melted state,
or you can refrigerate to harden.

here is what i made:
mashed potatoes with sage butter
and fried sage leaves.

the fried sage leaves SHATTER
and melt on your tongue.
we have tried to compare them to bacon
or some kind of candy,
but there is NOTHING like fried sage leaves.

and the sage butter is incredibly delicious
spread on a baguette.
{or mashed into potatoes}
you really must try.

Monday, July 26, 2010

earthly delights - csa bounty week 9

~ here is our yummy share for this week ~
big green cabbage head
magic garlic
*tune in tomorrow ~ i'll teach you how to make sage butter
oregano (a big bunch for drying)

want to visit our csa farm?  it's here!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

recycled ~ reclaimed ~ refurbished

i love everything about this space.
this is one of 3 new starbucks in seattle.
{dawn, you must go check this out!}

behind a row of old movie theater seats,
they used the pages of a philosophy text book
as wallpaper.

this table is made from an old ship.
these chandeliers are made from rusted wire.

{i ♥ salvaged materials}

read more about this inspiring space here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

nature burger

have you ever heard of
nature burger?

it is hippie food, for sure.
i discovered it when i was in high school
and i still make it today.

i buy it in bulk at the co-op.
{click here for a list of ingredients}

i mix 2 cups boiling water
with 2 cups of nature burger,
then let it rest & cool.

form into patties & cook in a little oil
until toasty on both sides.

i like to add some melty cheese.

vegetarian hippie goodness!

i like to have it on hand for a quick dinner,
but it is also great for backpacking.

Friday, July 23, 2010

my dad's kiddie merit board

this is one of my very favorite things.
it belonged to my dad when he was a little boy.
it has hung in my kitchen for years.

were you quiet in the morning?
did you tease?
did you go to bed on time?

of course, i love the duck ~ he's so optimistic!

i do hope you enjoy a gold star week.
{a gold star weekend would be nice, too.}

Thursday, July 22, 2010


are you wondering,
"what does she DO with all of those veggies?"

well, here's what i do with

remove the leaves and peel
(a fork helps to hold it)

slice thinly
and serve raw with a little salt & pepper

we eat it just like this
and sometimes alongside a bowl of hummus.

kohlrabi is a brassica.
brassicas include cabbage, broccoli, turnips.
raw kohlrabi is almost a crunchy as a carrot.
the taste is a little radish-like.
have you ever eaten sliced broccoli stem?
that's what kohlrabi reminds me of.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

first there is a hammock, then there is no hammock, then there is.

summertime without a hammock?
yeah, i don't think so.

but, late last summer
a meddlesome squirrel
 my lovely yucatan hammock.

yes, the very hammock that i brought back
from the yucatan more than 20 years ago.
{did i mention that i was there doing mission work?}

to have it cut out of our oak tree
by squirrel teeth
was wrong and undeserved.
the nerve.

but, today
we have a new hammock.

happy days are here again.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

breakfast alfresco

honeydew & cantaloupe
homemade waffles & peachy maple syrup

these red plastic baskets & checkered liners
have been our summer standard for years.
i bought them long ago
at a restaurant supply store.
{a package of 1000 paper liners - we've used about half.}
they are great for camping.
you can serve almost everything in them.
{everything but soup.}

Monday, July 19, 2010

earthly delights - csa bounty week 8

here is this week's share
from earthly delights:
redbor kale
magic garlic*
*{to make your dreams come true!}
rainbow chard
cutting celery*
*{looks like parsley, tastes like celery}

here's a link to our csa farm

here's a link to find YOUR csa farm
~local harvest~

{post edit - 07-20-10}
dianne, this is for you:
so far, with our share,
i have made pesto & potato salad.
no recipe for pesto:
just basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil, s&p
for potato salad:
i loosely followed martha stewart's all-american potato salad recipe

Sunday, July 18, 2010

duck update

our ducklings
are quickly becoming

at 3 weeks & 4 weeks old
they are getting their feathers
and beginning to ☼QUACK!☼

they still get tucked in each night
with their teddy bears
(who have now been through the wash
about 25 times)

p.s. pip sends a special quack to five-year-old annie.
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