Thursday, September 2, 2010

♥ soup ♥

when i make soup,
which is often,
i have a formula, not really a recipe.

my formula is flexible & forgiving.
my formula adapts to what i have on hand.

i start with:
onion, celery, carrot {a mirepoix}
plus garlic.
finely chop everything,
then saute in olive oil and butter until soft.
season with salt & pepper.

add a can of very good tomatoes.
i use whole san marzano tomatoes from italy. 
with a paring knife,
i trim the tops off
& remove any skin or imperfections.

add some layers...
i always save the water from cooking beans
and all of my parmesan rinds.
i store both in the freezer
to add to future pots of soup.
this seems so old-fashioned and frugal
{which i adore}
both of these ingredients add depth & dimension.
the rinds should be removed before serving,
so i usually count how many i throw in.

i also keep this on hand for soups:
i added about a tablespoon
along with a few cups of boiling water 
to our soup tonight.

here are the other soup-worthy veggies
i had on hand today:
summer squash
beans (in this case, edamame)

other ideas:
eggplant, green beans,
cooked chick peas, cooked kidney beans,
peas (add these last).

my goodness,
this soup was SO delicious.
i served it with a beautiful baguette.
my kids DEVOURED it.

i can't wait for leftovers tomorrow!

p.s. are you wishing i would write this as a recipe?
i love formulas so much more than recipes,
but maybe this is confusing to you.
please let me know.


Emily said...

I also use Parm rinds, but I have never thought of the water from my cooked beans. GENIUS! And I need to check out that Better than Bullion. I have to buy the wheat free stuff, and many bullions have hidden gluten.
Your soup makes the perfect fall dish!

martha said...

I , and my clan, LOVE soups-had a shortcut Chicken Pot Pie Soup last pm, and ahearty country Soup Supper last week...even tho it's still kinda toasty here...
some yummy bread or crusty rolls and fruit and there you go! ANd i also adore leftovers!
A cooking video in your future posts?
Hugs Catie!

catie said...

emily ~
yes! better than bouillon is gluten-free!

here is the website: (copy & paste)

here is what i found:
"We do not add any Gluten in our Better Than Bouillon products.
Gluten Free Products: Chicken, Beef, Chili, Clam, Ham, Lobster, Turkey, Au Jus, Fish, Vegetarian Line, Organic Line, Kosher Line and the All Natural Reduce Sodium Chicken."


martha ~ your soups sound delish!
not sure i'm ready for a cooking video : )
we'll see...
loved the photo on your blog today!

Dawn said...

I LOVE to make soups....fall is my favorite time!!
I am a "formula" girl when it comes to soup too!! A little of this a pinch of that!
Where do you find those tomatoes?? I can't seem to find them..however, I haven't looked at Whole Foods (there isn't one close to me, but I dont think you shop there anyway do you??)
Thanks for sharing this one!!

catie said...

dawn ~ i buy these tomatoes by the case at the boise co-op. with my 10% case discount + my monthly 10% member discount, they are about $1.20 a can.

look at whole foods for "san marzano" variety.
and, ask if they have a case discount.

Dawn said...

Thanks Catie! I wondered what a comparable store here is to the Boise Co-op...we have a PCC but it is far like Whole Foods! I will have to check around!

Emily said...

Thanks your Catieness for the gluten info. I shall be looking for it now!

I can't believe you get your tomatoes at such a good price through your co-op. I only buy Cento or Pomi, and sadly, I pay much more!!!!! But so worth it, cause I can tell when I use a different, lesser brand. Does that make me a canned tomato snob???

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