Wednesday, May 4, 2011

it's wednesday, do you know where your ducks are?

here is lucky duck.
he was hit by a car last week.
he is recovering in our duck rehabilitation center.
in other words, he has taken over our backyard.
{amazing fact: other ducks come to visit him}

here is egg.
not sure what is happening inside,
but it just might hatch in a few days.

here are my ducklings.
doing my best to keep them in a row.

and my OTHER duckling is annie.
she is emily's best friend.
she reads my blog.
{love you, annie}


Annie said...

I love you Catie! This just made my day <3

Dawn said...

HI ned from lucy

Emily said...

I love all of your ducklings too! Did you see the duck get hit by a car? I can see you now, swooping him up to safety and bringing him home....

Dianne said...

Have you seen your other two duckas? Did they give birth? Oh I can see you know nursing the injured duck back to health. You ,sweet Catie, are the duck whisperer.

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