Sunday, May 29, 2011

:: movie night ::

we love movie night,
but it's hard to find one movie
to please both kids & adults.

here are 2 movie suggestions,
one is old & one is new:

1. the emperor's new groove
{from 2000}
david spade is a vain & selfish emperor 
who has a lesson to learn.
john goodman is a good-hearted peasant
who has his priorities straight.
{be warned: there is a sinister plot to kill the emperor via poisoning,
if that sort of thing bothers you.}

2. gulliver's travels
{from 2010}
we LOVE jack black.
especially when he dances.
as gulliver, the little guy from the mailroom,
he has lessons to learn, as well.
{be warned: it's boy humor.
as in, giant-pees-on-castle-to-put-out-fire,
if that sort of thing bothers you.}

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