Saturday, May 21, 2011

mr. roo {best cat products}

this is rudy.
we call him mr. roo.
mr. roo may be a fluffy pretty princess,
a chatty cuddly charmer,
and a part-time ninja cat,
but he's lots of work.
lots and lots of work.

mr. roo sheds like no other.
marian brushes him with this,
sparing our furniture & floors
astonishing amounts of fur.

mr. roo likes to spill his water onto the floor.
on purpose.
every time he gets a drink.
we have tried so many dishes, 
and this is the one that solves the problem.

mr. roo has a litter box.
litter boxes are gross.
this cat litter makes it less gross.
and it's eco-friendly.


sewmuchwhimsy said...

Oh I love Mr. Roo! The best cat I ever had was named Rudy. We called him Rudy Tudy or Root Man. He was my angel kitty. I have had lots of cats...and still have 2, but the Root Man was the best. I bet he and Mr. Roo would have been buds. xoxo Gretchen

Dianne said...

Royalty can be such snobs! They think they are better than us commoners.

Emily said...

! Mr. Roo is so bootiful!

martha said...

Love Rudy...he has personality...can feel it!
Not to mention how handsome!

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