Tuesday, May 3, 2011

:: baked rigatoni ::

this is my favorite way
to serve pasta with marinara.
baked, with big tubes of rigatoni
and lovely fresh cheese.

i use this recipe for the marinara.
i make a giant batch of sauce in advance
and freeze it in 32 ounce containers.
{i take it out of the freezer in the morning to thaw}

:: baked rigatoni ::

preheat oven to 350°

heat 32 ounces of your favorite marinara
in an oven-safe pot {mine is le creuset}.
heat 8 ounces of half & half, then add to sauce.

cook & drain 1lb of rigatoni,
then add to the sauce pot,
gently stirring to combine.

add dollops of ricotta,
slices of fresh mozzarella, 
and freshly grated parmesan.

bake uncovered, until bubbly & melty
{25-30 minutes}
serve with crusty bread, an awesome salad
and a bottle of red wine.

you deserve it, don't you?


Dawn said...

why yes i do deserve this :)
i am going to pick up the stuff this week to make the marinara...so i will have some in the freezer!

Emily said...

I make my marinara the way you do. Love the extra veggies in it. Plus it is so very good! This dish looks like a satisfying meal!

Denise said...

Looks delish!! I'm definitely going to make your marinara recipe!

jennifer said...

oh yes.... i do....

Dianne said...

Oh how I wish I could hire you to cook for me just one week! Does your family know how lucky they are? Always healthy and yummy recipes coming from your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm.... i wish i hadn't even seen that picture. it looks so yummy that I need some right now. i can smell it through the computer


jill said...

i will for sure be making this...your recipes have never let me down! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i made this last night because i miss you!!!
it was super yummy.
nicole (aka tolley)

catie said...

look at you, tolley!
reading my blog & cooking stuff!
i love you ♥

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