Wednesday, May 25, 2011

kindergarten field trip :: the zoo

ned's class had a fun and much anticipated
field trip today to
:: zoo boise ::

the bus ride was part of the excitement

look how close the cheetah is

this little guy has been so sick.
i thought he had a stomach flu or food poisoning.
he couldn't even hold down sips of water over the weekend.
on monday, we went to the doctor.
turns out he had strep throat 
{even though his throat wasn't sore}.
the bacteria were collecting in his tummy
and basically poisoning him.
1 anti-nausea medication + 1 antibiotic = feeling MUCH better. 
today was his first day back to normal.
i'm so glad he didn't miss the field trip.


Dawn said...

Strep throat?? poor baby....we had NEVER had that in our house until last summer when Lucy got and she didn't have a sore throat either! This spring is bringing LOTS of sickness for sure...I have been sick too and now my Hubby has it...enough already....Ok ...AND I just picked up a book at the library today called Zoo Story..non-fiction...and I think it is going to be must check it out!!

Emily said...

So glad Ned is better! My youngest would get sick at his stomach with strep throat too, without the soar throat!

martha said...

so glad he's feeling better,..i love how his tee shirt color coordinated with the zoo animals!

Anonymous said...

Remember when you had strep throat and threw up in the movie theater? No sore throat then either. So glad he is better! Love, Mom

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