Thursday, May 12, 2011

new notebook

dear notebook,
today is our first day together.  
you are super spiffy with your copper spiral and antique ivory pages.
i expect great things from you.  
it is your job to assist and inspire me to:
~ complete several unfinished tasks
~ come up with new & cool ideas
~ be less forgetful
~ be more timely
~ keep a clean house
~ find a balance
~ get more sleep
~ drink more water
~ eat more fruits & vegetables
i bought you in the hopes that my life would be better with you.
please don't let me down.
very truly yours,


Dianne said...

Please for ducks to your list!

Dawn said...

I LOVE a new notebook and yours is lovely...share with you keep a daily list of all these things OR does each item get their own page?? You know me...I need to know how others organize, I love it!!

catie said...

dianne ~ find ducks is on the list!

dawn ~ i bought this at winco! $2.33!!
the checkout girl said, "ooh, FANcy!"
marian thought it was vintage...
you must look for these.

my lists are like clouds these days ~ very loose & soft, always hovering above me.
so, pages are spontaneous, free-form, blending into one another : )

Dawn said...

got it!! I have never gone down the baby aisle...and that is where the office supplies were...Lucy loves paper,pens, she was THRILLED and got a new little notebook for her "workouts"..hee hee

Sandi said...

I love this post.
It is just PERFECT! :)
love, San

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