Sunday, May 8, 2011


♥ happy mother's day, mom ♥
{a bright blue book stack is what i gave her}

to my friends who are mothers,
i am sending 
{{{big hugs}}}
to you today.
your job is so important.

to my friends who are missing their mothers,
and there are so many of you, i am sending
{{{{{even bigger hugs}}}}}
 please don't let this day make you sad.
celebrate your mom in your own way today.
make two cups of tea {and drink them both}
plant a flower
take a walk
she loves you.
she always has.
she always will.


jill said...

happy mother's day to you, really are one of the best. xoxo, ~jill ♥

Diane said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Catie and yes you are one special mom!

Emily said...

That was beautiful Catie! Hope you had a good day yesterday.

Pam said...

catie I think you should write for a card company. :) I just love what you wrote here...and I love the blue books! xoxo

Dawn said...

what a lucky Mama to have YOU for a daughter...I know you feel lucky too!! I love her blue books!

MA said...

Happy Youareastupedousmomeveryday Day!
And thanks for your touching thoughts about moms. :)
You are so, so swell!
Love, MA

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