Monday, May 16, 2011

tomatoes & snow

yesterday, i bought these

to go here 

and here
so, naturally, 
it snowed this morning.

they are all cherry tomatoes.
these are the varieties:
sun gold are our very favorite,
the other 3 were recommended by the growers.


Emily said...

I'm growing a garden this year! Ahem, trying to grow a garden. Have you heard of a wall of water? It helps to keep your tomatoes warm. Little pockets of water are warmed by the sun. I plan on using it when my tomatoes get here. Our growing season is so short, and tomatoes need lots of heat! Good luck to your little tomatoes!

Dianne said...

Snow!!!!! Oh my's summer here.

martha said...

love the veggies and how you create their fun spaces!

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