Saturday, April 7, 2012

art-paper-scissors :: garden tools from recycled materials

repurpose a couple plastic containers
to make your own
nevermind that it snowed a little yesterday,
it's almost time to get your garden going.
get ready to tend & harvest
right here


roberta said...

Hi Catie, I found you!
Do you think we can share link at least? I am going to try to share this one that I like very much either on my fb page or on my blog I have not update it for so many months now but you made be willing to start again.
Roberta (ceramic manya)

catie said...

hi roberta!
yes, i would love for you to share a link!
if you want it to be this specific post, make sure to click on the post title for its specific page address.
let me know if you need any help.

roberta said...

It's not working, and I am too tired, it's 1 am here, maybe that's why, I will try tomorrow but go and give a look if you want: The chef's wife, an Italian cooking and living in Bangkok, so maybe you can help.
Good night!

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