Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ned sweeps

he sweeps 
because it's his broom.

it's his broom
because i gave it to him as a present.

you see, a few years ago, 
i needed a new broom 
and it was almost his birthday.

i bought the broom and
wrapped it in monster wrapping paper.

my theory was
that if i GAVE it to him
he would be excited to sweep.

my theory proved to be correct.

he reminded me on sunday,
while happily sweeping,
that it was HIS broom.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't I ever think of this one? Maybe you should give him a fancy dust cloth next. Maybe one with a long handle so he can dust the high spots. I love it! Love, Mom

Emily said...

Yes, Ned needs a vacuum for his next birthday gift!

Dawn said...

THIS would totally work, I mean thrill Lucy too...I remember seeing Ned's broom when I was at your house..hmmm I think I know what Lucy will be getting for her birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Ned is looking great! So glad he is better.
Kids like to help and this is the coolest idea.

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