Thursday, April 12, 2012

:: boulder canyon hummus & sesame chips ::

my friend, angie, told me
she's giving gluten-free a try after reading wheat belly.
she shared some at a recent baseball game
and i instantly loved them.
as far as i can tell, they are vegan,
but they are not labeled as such.
what does "may contain dairy ingredients" mean?
i don't see any dairy ingredients.  does it mean they are
processed on equipment used with dairy ingredients?
they are exceptionally crispy tortilla chips.
their first ingredient is chick peas,
so i can't believe they don't contain more protein.
available at costco in a giant bag.
a giant bag that does nothing to help you
when it comes to portion control.
we polished off one bag in just a couple days.


Emily said...

We love all the Boulder gluten free chips.
The Rice and Bean, Adzuki flavor is good too.
I think you are right about the "processed with equipment" idea, because there is clearly no dairy!

Angie said...

I'm so happy you bought some!! I am out now and need to make another trip to Costco. Natural Grocers didn't carry this flavor, but they do have the brand. See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Catiedurl, can't wait to try these! xo

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