Tuesday, April 24, 2012

green juice, hammock-style

after a cold & wet spring,
someone flipped the warm weather switch.
it started friday and hasn't stopped.
thankfully, it's been mild enough
to throw open the doors & windows
and really enjoy.

i make green juice every day,
and i'm always mindful of where i sit to drink it.
today, i had the urge to relax in the hammock
with my verdant cup of nutritiousness.
it took a bit of doing,
since the hammock was still in hibernation,
but well worth it.

i recommend green juice.
i recommend a hammock.
i highly recommend green juice in a hammock.

{i'm talking to you, dianne}


Dianne said...

Ha you are funny! I think a diet coke would taste great in that hammock!!! Someone pick Catie up from off the floor. I just made her faint.

Dawn said...

oh Dianne!!
this looks fantastic...and i still make my green juice everyday too...love it!

Emily said...

You are so, so funny!!!
Dianne, you had to pick me up off the floor too.
Go easy on the Diet Coke pretty please.....

Angie said...

That hammock looks heavenly!!!

Green Juice said...

I'm drinking green juice everyday too, just need a hammock now.

Anonymous said...

Cutieeee :) -Em

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