Thursday, April 5, 2012

pan seared cauliflower steaks

the inspiration for this came from
{i love her blog ~ she is in my blogroll on the right}

she made changes to the original recipe.
i made changes to her recipe.
{i simplified the recipe even further & didn't make a sauce}

i simply sliced a head of cauliflower
and pan seared it with a little olive oil,
salt, and pepper until it was tender.

out of one head of cauliflower,
you will only be able to cut 2 or 3 "steaks"
that have enough stem to hold them together.
i just cooked the smaller pieces in the same way.

let me tell you, i LOVE cauliflower,
and this was the most delicious cauliflower
i have ever eaten in my entire life.
best. ever.


Emily said...

I keep forgetting to try this after seeing her post!
I love cauliflower too, and I have never, ever seen it prepared this way. Thanks for sharing your way of doing it Catie.

Angie said...

I definitely want to try this!

Dianne said...

We had cauliflower tonight. It's a favorite around here. I have always cooked it just as you did. If you have leftovers you can put cream cheese on it and pop it in the microwave a few seconds to semi melt. yum!

the gardener's cottage said...

i'm so glad you liked the recipe and also that you changed it to suit your style. that is awesome. thank you for the wonderful compliments, you are so sweet. xo janet

Dawn said...

awww...Janet left you a commnet :) I have never tried it this way..YUM!!

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