Monday, April 2, 2012

feeling inspired

i'm feeling a change for the better.
i just thought i would let you know.
the blue pitcher is from a recent treasure hunt.

the pencil bouquet points to my frame of mind.
{more sharp pencils right here}
i finished with all the tax paperwork this weekend.
my kids are happy and healthy.
{ned is 100% recovered}
i started taking vitamin D again.
and after 3 difficult months,
something has just
into place.

i have some good stuff i'm excited to share here soon:
: new thrift store treasures :
: new recipes & din-spiration :
: how i get ned to sweep the floor :
: my kids ultra awesome lunchboxes :
: lotions & potions i love :
and other things i am digging lately.

thanks for being here.
it means a lot to me.


Emily said...

So, so glad Ned is better.
Love your pencil analogy.
Can't wait to see what you will share!

Denise said...

:-) Love all of this...

Dawn said...

LOVE all of this, and I love sharp pencils!! I need a little bit of what you have (and I have been taking my Vit D :)...just haven't felt inspired to do a blog post...must get back on track :)

Anonymous said...

I love hearing this Catie!! Can't wait to see all the goodness. I love Ned's broom! Be well, much love. xoxo

Dianne said...

Love every word of this!

Anonymous said...

You always inspire me!

Dawn said...

so i just clicked on this post from your latest post :) to look at your pencils...but saw your comment about vit d much do you take?? I haven't been taking it again, and really need to friend saw a nutritionist and was told she should take 4000 iu for her! :)

catie said...

i didn't take it this winter, but i usually just buy a bottle & take one little dissolving tab per day. i don't even know the dose.

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