Monday, April 30, 2012

what's new :: monday edition

it's a brand-new day!
here's what's new:

today at
layla has a very special guest who is
arguably my most adorable friend
lucy has 3 videos there
that you won't want to miss.
and you can always find lucy here.
{hi, lucy!}

also new today:
tadpoles growing legs

caterpillars spinning silk

blenders blending goodness

what's new with you?


Dawn said...

Hi!! Thank you for sharing about Lucy...exciting stuff for us! Your smoothie looks fantastic!! Off to make my green juice!

Pam said...

loved watching lucy over at tlc!! your smoothie looks yummy! xo

Emily said...

Love that Lucy!
We have some tadpoles going too....and a toad...spiders....a garden snake......ahhhh boys.
I swear I will jump ship if any make it out of the containers and onto the floors!

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