Tuesday, April 17, 2012

narwhal :: unicorn of the sea

i just read the most incredible article
about these amazing and elusive whales:
it takes place on greenland's west coast.
{thank you, stephanie, for the link}

be warned, vegan friends,
the scientists work with native hunters
to learn more about narwhals
and ultimately protect them.
blubber eating is involved.

here is a video clip about the piece

be sure to click here to see more photos.

i remember this song from the limeliter's album
that was in heavy rotation when i was small:
greenland is a dreadful place,
a land that's never green.
where there's ice and snow
and the whale fishes blow,
and the daylight's seldom seen,
brave boys,
the daylight's seldom seen.


Emily said...

This was so good to share Catie!

One Eyed Dog said...

Love narwhals! They're so enchanting.
Thanks for featuring my little narwhal ornaments. :-)

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